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January 6 – May 19, 2019




Attend Intersections, a unique learning community where you will find old and young, men and women, mature believers and earnest seekers.  You will listen, talk, ask questions and explore topics that shape how we live at the intersection of God’s Word and daily life.  Come any time and invite a friend!




Past Studies:

In Light of Eternity

Every one of us will have to face eternity—to look across the chasm of death to life beyond. For those of us who have chosen to follow Jesus, we look forward to an eternity filled with joy and free from sorrow. The guarantee of eternity means we can live every day on this earth not for our own gain, but for the benefit of God’s kingdom.

               Does your life thank God for the gift of eternal life? Is your life an act of worship? 

 LEAD In light of ETERNITY
               Are you leading in a way that encourages the spread of the gospel in the world?

               Are you discipling others with the urgency of eternity?

Let us use what we’ve been given in the time we have to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to ourselves, our disciples, and the world. Because, one day, the opportunity to choose eternity with God will close forever.

The Good Book

For our winter series we are doing a great study to complement our New Year’s launch of Reading the Bible in a Year. The study looks at key scripture passages that draw out the core themes we see in the Bible along with real-life stories of people who are living out these themes in their lives. This will lead to great table discussions.
Please join us as we look at the big picture, general structure, and the Bible’s Biggest Ideas.

Celebration of the 500th Year Anniversary of the Reformation

What was the Protestant Reformation all about?  Who were the characters?   Join us for our fall speaker series as examine the key truths and players in the Reformation, and seek to understand why it mattered then and why it matters now. 

We will be looking the different tenants and people:
Sola Scriptura – The Rediscovery of the Authority of Scripture
Martin Luther
Sola Gratia – The Rediscovery of Grace
Ulrich Zwigli
Sola Fide – The Rediscovery of Justification by Faith
Lady Jane Grey
Solus Christus – The Blessing of Christ Alone
John Calvin
Soli Deo Gloria – Glorifying God in Everything
Protestantism & Catholicism
Women of the Reformation
The Reformation & social justice

All are welcome to attend!  For more information, contact Bob Bratton.

Audio Files

September 10, Pastor Dave Ricketts 
September 24, Chris Bratton 
October 1, Zach Flanagin  
October 8, Don Chalmers 
October 15, Don Chalmers 
October 22, Sam Choi 
November 5, Don Chalmers 
November 12, Curtis Flemming


Has it ever dawned on you that nothing has ever dawned on God?  He knew before the world began that His people would face hardship, so He gave us His Word. The Book of Ephesians is a survival manual—it equips believers to thrive in a world that hates the message of Jesus Christ. Paul the Apostle writes to encourage believers to live well—we’ve been lifted from the graveyard of sin and called to shout the gospel into the darkened world. 

Pastor and author J.D. Greear and our teaching team will walk through the powerful words of Paul.

In 9 sessions, we will look how Ephesians challenges believers to live out the gospel. Because if people in Lamorinda are going to hear the gospel, it’s going to be from you.




TheRealJesusposterIntersections RealJesusDatesAudio Files

September 11, 2016, Ray Intro
September 11, 2016, Ray Part 2
September 11, 2016, Ray Part 3
September 18, 2016, Pastor Dave & Siv Ricketts, Women Part 1
September 18, 2016, Pastor Dave & Siv Ricketts, Women, Part 2
September 25, 2016 Don Chalmers, Hell, Intro
September 25, 2016 Don Chalmers, Hell, Part 2
October 9, 2016 David Sylvester, Wealth, Part 1
October 9, 2016 David Sylvester, Wealth, Part 2
October 16, 2016, Don Chalmers, Prayer, Part 1
October 16, 2016, Don Chalmers, Prayer, Part 2
October 23, 2016, Dave Ricketts and Ray Witbeck, Politics, Part 1
October 23, 2016, Dave Ricketts and Ray Witbeck, Politics, Part 2
October 30, 2016, Don Chalmers, Consumerism Part 1
October 30, 2016, Don Chalmers, Consumerism Part 2
November 6, 2016, Sam Choi, Jesus and Other Religions 
November 13, 2016, Pastor Dave Ricketts, Jesus’ Mission, Intro 
November 13, 2016, Pastor Dave Ricketts, Jesus’ Mission, Part 1
November 13, 2016, Pastor Dave Ricketts, Jesus’ Mission, Part 2



Audio Files

May 1, 2016 No Plan B Session 1
May 8, 2016 No Plan B, Session 2
May 15, 2016 No Plan B Session 3



Israel Photos


Previous Series:



January 17, 2016 Dr. Don Partridge, Access into the Heart of the Child

Dave Ricketts Introduction of Dr. Don Partridge
Dr. Don Partridge Introduction – Access to the Heart of a Child
Dr. Don Partridge: Access into the Heart of the Child

January 24, 2016 Dr. Don Partridge, Powerful Replication

Dr Don Partridge, Powerful Replication
Worksheet – Powerful Replication

January 31, 2016 Dr. Don Partridge, Powerful Children

Don Partridge; Powerful Children
Powerful Children, Q & A
Worksheet – Powerful Children

February 7, 2016 Dr. Don Partridge, Attaching Missing Positive Character Traits in Kids

Don Partridge; “Attaching…” Audio


Intersections 2015





Audio Files

September 27, 2015 Don Chalmers, Intro
September 27, 2015 – Don Chalmers
September 27, 2015 – Don Chalmers, Final Remarks
October 4 – Don Partridge Intro
October 4 – Don Partridge, Blended Families

October 4 – Don Partridge, Final Remarks
October 11 – Dave Ricketts
October 18 – Mitali Perkins, Intro
October 18 – Mitali Perkins, Response to Questions
October 18 – Mitali Perkins, Wrap Up
October 25 – Rob Perkins, Intro
October 25 – Rob Perkins
November 1 – Dave Ricketts, Creative Discipleship
November 8 – Don Chalmers, Intro
November 8 – Don Chalmers, Part 1
November 8 – Don Chalmers, Part 2
November 15 – Ray Witbeck
November 22 – Ray Witbeck Intro
November 22 – Ray Witbeck, Setting Goals, Accountability
November 22 – Ray Witbeck, Summary



 Tim Chaddick guides us through the timeless wisdom of Ecclesiastes in light of our struggles today  Interviewing  those longing to move from honest questions to lasting hope.

Why is there injustice? Why can I never get ahead? What does it take to be happy?” This Series is for anyone who is asking the toughest questions of life, and wondering if answers even exist.  Tim will help us move from honest questions to lasting hope

Whether you are a committed Christian or just beginning to explore faith, Tim’s no-nonsense teaching will help you see that when God answers the questions, it always gets better.


February/March 2014 – “The Law of Happiness”

Have you ever wondered how happiness is achieved ?  The next six weeks we will be discussing how spiritual wisdom and modern science can change your life.  Through videos of Dr. Henry Cloud and group dialogue, we will be drawing from the latest scientific and psychological research on the quest for happiness.  The Law of Happiness reveals that the spiritual truths of the Bible hold the secrets to the happiness we desire.  Hopefully you will take away from this series a new way of living that will transform your relationships, your career, and your inner self and give you the joy you’ve been seeking.


 January/February 2014 –  The Next Christians

As a follow up from our last series – Culture Scene Investigation, we will be diving into The Next Christians, a six-session video curriculum that takes into account recent efforts at Christian renewal, addressing the significant challenges that could undermine the viability of Christianity if the faithful do not employ a completely new outlook. Gabe Lyons, author of unChristian looks ahead, citing current day models and interviews with thought leaders of how Christianity over the next 100 years can and must adapt, as he optimistically paints a picture of how Christianity’s best days just might lay ahead as a new generation rediscovers their faith in this unprecedented new era in the West.  There will be ample time for table and group discussion. The series begins January 12 and runs through February 16.


Previous Series:  Fall 2013 – CSI: Culture Scene Investigation

Archive of Audio Files

September 15th – Sam Choi, M.D.
Opening – The “Nones”, Postmodernism & the Need for a New Christian Paradigm
Audio Recording of Class – TheNones.mp3

September 22nd – Sam Choi, M.D.
Science – Aristotle to Quantum Physics & the Modern Predicament
Audio Recording of Introduction – Science Introduction.mp3
Audio Recording of Class – Science.mp3

September 29th – Ray Witbeck, M.Div.
Play to Win – Our Enduring Love Affair with a Sports Culture
Audio Recording of Introduction – PlaytoWin Introduction.mp3
Audio Recording of Class – PlayToWin.mp3

October 6th – Mitali Perkins, author
A Wired Generation – How Social Media is Transforming Society, Community, and Identity
Audio Recording of Introduction – WiredGeneration Introduction.mp3
Audio Recording of Class – WiredGeneration.mp3

October 13th – Mission Awareness Week
Sarah Ago, Pastor of Compassion, Justice and Missions at Hillside Covenant Church

October 20th – Sam Choi, M.D.
Literature & Film – God’s Overarching Narrative
Audio Recording of Introduction – Literature & Film Introduction.mp3
Audio Recording of Class – Literature & Film.mp3

October 27th – Rev. Dr. Rob Perkins
Conformed to this World – False Theological Creep in the Church
Audio Recording of Class – ConformedToThisWorld,mp3

November 3rd – Sam Choi, M.D.
Art, Music & the Mandate for Christian Culturemaking
Audio Recording of Introduction – Art, Music & the Mandate Intro.mp3
Audio Recording of Class – Art, Music & the Mandate.mp3

November 10th
Youth & Society – Evan Kolding, Director of Student Ministries
Lost in Transition – Colin Chan Redemer, Saint Mary’s College
Audio Recordingof  Lecture – EvanKolding.mp3
Audio Recording of Lecture – Colin Chan Redemer.mp3
Audio Recording of Q&A – Youth In Society Q&A.mp3

November 17th – Kim Thacker, PhD, Fuller Seminary
Secular Spirituality
Audio Recording of Lecture – Secular Spirituality.mp3

November 24th – Sam Choi & Ray Witbeck
Review & Overview – Which Way to Emmaus?
Audio Recording of Intro – Which Way Intro I.mp3
Audio Recording of Intro – Which Way Intro II.mp3
Audio Recording of Lecture – Which Way.mp3