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Join the Every Day Challenge that offers a plan to help you read the Bible every day. It can take you just 5 minutes each day to jump-start your spiritual life.

The authors of Reveal, a spiritual life survey that MVPC participated in several years ago found that the best catalyst for spiritual growth is reading the Bible. “Nothing else even comes close to having the same impact as the Bible when it comes to spiritual growth.”

This year we would like to have everyone at MVPC reading the same Bible passages every day so we grow together as lifelong missional disciples of Jesus Christ. You can choose to read just the New Testament and Psalms (Reading 1) or the entire Bible (Reading 1 and 2).

Follow along with our Companion Guide for added insights in to the readings, on our blog or download the pdf (see button below), or pick up a printed copy in the office.

Register for the Every Day Challenge to receive occasional emails with information and updates. Those who complete the Every Day Challenge will be invited to a celebration in early 2020!

Every Day Challenge  Instructions for App  Download Bible Reading Plan and Companion Guide 

Committing to read the Bible every day will help us grow in our faith as we encourage each other and hold each other accountable to the commitments we have made. Find one person or a group that can walk this journey of reading God’s Word every day with you.