About Community Groups

A Community Group is a small group of followers of Jesus that gather together on a regular basis to be the church together. We are the church and we are best at being the church when we are together in community. Our community groups will meet regularly in order to:

Develop Community – Community Groups are a great place to grow in our relationship with Jesus as groups study scripture together, pray for each other and intentionally share life with the other members of their group. We hope these groups are a safe place to process questions, share what you are learning, deepen your understanding and have others hold you accountable. Many have found having a group like this is crucial in their spiritual growth.

Reach our Community – We want our Community Groups to be one of the primary ways that we reach our community with the gospel. Our goal is to have each community group host 1-2 get-togethers a year that allow for relationships to be developed between people in your group and some of your friends that do not yet follow Jesus. This could be a service opportunity you coordinate or a BBQ that you intentionally invite others to. These should be natural, easy chances to develop relationships, share stories and love our neighbors as ourselves.

In order to function well as a Community Group there are several commitments we ask participants to make:

  • Be available. Please do your best to make your Community Group a priority in your schedule. Your presence is crucial for your group to function well. We also encourage you to be emotionally available for your group. Share from your heart and find support and encouragement from your group.
  • Be safe. Community Groups need to be a safe place to be emotionally vulnerable with other group members so please hold in confidence anything shared in your group. As others in your group share, be a safe person by listening rather than offering unsolicited advice or correction.
  • Be hospitable. Often Community Groups rotate who facilitates discussion and what home they meet in. Take part in this and offer to take your turn. Open your home and your life to those in your group. The more you do, the richer your experience of community will be. Practice hospitality with those that your group reaches out to in our community as well. Offer to them some of the gifts that you have received by being part of a Community Group.