Community Group Leader Information

October 15, Adopted, Romans 8:12-17 
October 22, Week 1, Authority, Psalm 1:1-3 & 2 Timothy 3:16-17 
October 29, Week 2, Salvation, Romans 4:1-5, 18-25 
November 12, Week 4, Stewardship, 2 Corinthians 9:6-11 
November 19, Week 5, Covenant, Matthew 6:19-34

Sept 10, Week 2, Composure in Crisis, Daniel 2
Sept 17, Week 3, Cost of Obedience, Daniel 3 
Sept 24, Week 4, Pitfall of Pride, Daniel 4 
Oct 1, Week 5, Writing on the Wall, Daniel 5 
Oct 8, Week 6, Uncompromising Courage, Daniel 6 

  Past Study Guides 2017

April 30, Week 1, Pursue Wisdom, Proverbs 9
May 7, Week 2, Receive Correction, Proverbs 12
May 14, Week 3, Share Generously, Proverbs 11
May 21, Week 4, Plan Thoughtfully, Proverbs 16
June 4, Week 6, Have Integrity, Proverbs 10

March 5, Week 1, Loved, Psalm 23 
March 12, What’s Your Availability?, Colossians 4:2-6
March 19, Week 2, Restored, Jeremiah 23
March 26, Week 3, Found, Luke 15
April 2, Week 4, Known, John 10
April 9, Mexico Sunday 2017
April 16, Resurrection Sunday, John 21:1-17


January 8, Week 1, Grow as Disciples, John 1:35-51
January 15, Week 2, Glorify God, Psalms 34:1-10, Romans 12:1-2
January 22, Week 3, Gather in Community, Corinthians 12:12-27
January 29, Week 4, Gather in Community, Hebrews 10:23-25
February 5, Week 5, Give of Ourselves, Matthew 25:14-30
February 12, Week 6, Give of Ourselves, Romans 12:1-8
February 19, Week 7, GO Make Disciples, Matthew 28:16-20
February 26, Week 8, GO Spread the Message, Genesis 12:1-3

Study Guides 2016

Not Your Average Joe Fall 2016 Sermon Series
September 4, Week 1, Born into Brokenness, Genesis 37 
September 11, Week 2, Resisting Temptation, Genesis 39
September 25, Week 3, Dealing with Disappointment, Genesis 40
October 2, Week 4, Humility to Honor, Genesis 41
October 9, Week 5, Quickened Conscience, Genesis 42
October 16, Week 6, Taking Responsibility, Genesis 43
October 23, Week 7, Real Repentance, Genesis 44 
October 30, Week 8, Grace Granted, Genesis 45

Previous Leader/Study Guides

If you would like the Community Group Bible study questions from previous sermon series, please click here.


Leader Resources

Community Group Commitment Letter

A key part of establishing continuity and responsibility in your group is by reviewing together the Community Group letter. Please click here.

MVPC Community Group Library

We have many Community Group videos and books available to borrow.  To see a comprehensive list, click here.
For more information, please contact Dave Ricketts.

RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a resource to help bring Community Group video sessions directly to you.  If you wish to receive an invitation to RightNow, please email Colleen Giovanni.
Login to RightNow Media using your login information.


Caring Ministries

As situations come up within your Community Group, you may have the opportunity to refer people to the many services MVPC provides.


Please contact Valerie Bigelow with a referral to the Deacons.  A Deacon referral is best in times of crisis or life change such as death of a family member, illness, hospitalization, birth of a baby or acute financial need.
More information on the Deacons.

Stephen Ministers

If you feel that someone needs a trained person to walk alongside them during a difficult time, a Stephen Minister might be a good option.  More information on Stephen Ministers or contact Bev Matthews at 283-7762.

LivingPeace Ministry

MVPC members who are working with LivingPeace are trained to assist and coach members through conflicts, whether personal or business related.  If the conflict is not within their boundaries, they will refer to other ministries or counselors in the area.  More information on LivingPeace.

Prayer Ministry

If you feel you or a member in your small group needs extra prayer, they can be referred to our Prayer Ministry.  Anyone may receive one-on-one prayer at church on Sundays or during the week, or they may be put on our Confidential Prayer List that is prayed over by members of our Prayer Team throughout the week.  More information on Prayer Ministry.


Currently, MVPC does not have a Counselor on staff.  We do refer people to Community Presbyterian Counseling Center in San Ramon.  For more information, you may call Marilyn Hunt at 270-7922 or visit their website.