Moms’ Council 2017-2018

Fueling Hope for the Heart

Family road trips may be among our favorite vacations, but they never quite go as planned…
detours, accidents, illness, unexpected expenses, and arguments about who gets to sit where.
And doesn’t it always take longer than you thought to get where you’re going?

Sound like life? Moses had 40 years of palace training and took a 40-year detour in the desert
to learn to listen to and follow God before he could lead the complaining Israelites on a 40-year
wilderness trek to the Promised Land. Talk about major mishaps and a long journey!

This year at Mom’s Council we will fuel up with God’s wisdom on how to navigate the detours we
encounter in daily life. Our GPS will include how to find hope in time management, complaining
kids, car talk (communication skills), money matters, fitness and health, bringing God’s wisdom
into family life, to name a few. So  fill ‘er up and join the journey! 

September 14, 2017 – May 3, 2018
Thursdays, 9:30-11:30 am

Audio Files of Speakers

Sept 14, From Exhausted to Energized, Patti Francis, MD 
Sept 21, From Overscheduled to Organized, Judy Harmon 
Sept 28, From Wounded to Whole, Sam Fielder
October 5, From Overwhelmed to in Control, Patti Huxley (no audio) 
October 12, Refining Your Working World, Alyson Tonomura 
October 19, From Anxious to Peaceful, Randi Pines 
October 26, From Isolated to Connected, Cole Portocarrero 
November 2, From Drifting to Focused, Tommy Branagh 
November 9, From Stuck to Moving On, Pastor Dave Ricketts 
November 16, From Meaningless to Satisfied, Cari Jenkins 
January 11, God Created Us For Relationship, Kristen Maloney 
January 18, Emotions Can Hijack Our Brains & Our Bodies, Ken Sande 
January 25, Practicing the SOG Plan, Kristen Maloney 
February 1, To Strengthen Your Relationship Skill Use These Acrostics, Kristen Maloney 
March 1, Simplify God’s Containers, Tammy Borosky 
April 19, Living with Passion & Purpose-Weeding the Passion Killers, Christine Ingebretson 
April 26, At Home on the Way: A Life of Creative Spiritual Practice, Kristen Kludt