Kids on a Mission

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We model for kids how to “be the church” through our Kids on a Mission Program. We believe that as a church community, we have been blessed that we might be a blessing to others. Thus, we highlight a variety of mission partners and community organizations so the kids can learn how their offering is being used and how you, as a family, might get more involved. Currently we are providing financial support to a child in the Dominican Republic through Kids Alive International. And occasionally on Sundays and at Kingdom Kids, guest speakers drop-in to share with us from places like the Bay Area Rescue Mission, Harbor House, and Blue Star Moms. We hold donation drives and do service projects, and sometimes, we even go for a visit!

What are humans that you are mindful of them, mere mortals that you care for them? (Psalm 8:5)

Kids Alive in the Dominican Republic

Our weekly offering on Sundays goes to support a young girl in an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. A few years ago, the kids decided they wanted their collection money to go toward something directed. Our church was hosting a mission trip to Kids Alive in the DR, so the kids elected some of their buddies who were going to choose a friend for us to support while they were there. We had such fun getting to know Yodarvi Morilla by Skyping him, sending letters back and forth, and watching each other grow – in more ways than one! But just like our fifth graders move on to our Quest Middle School Program, we promoted Yodarvi up to Quest with them! He will continue on with his age group through Senior High until he graduates from the Kids Alive program! We loved getting to know him so much that we’ve sponsored another child — Kimberly Victoriano. She is 6 years old and in first grade. Kimberly was born to a teenage mother and later abandoned by her father. While her mother tried her best to care for Kimberly and her siblings, the burden was too great and she asked the ARK to take them in. Now Kimberly has the chance to learn and grow in a happy, safe environment. It has taken a while for her to warm up, but she is becoming very playful.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: We send $420 annually to Kids Alive in sponsorship money. Continue bringing in your offering every Sunday morning to help support Kimberly. She would love to get mail from you!! You can send a letter to the address below, or you can send her a digital card by clicking here.

Kimberly Victoriano, #DO0180071
Kids Alive International
2507 Cumberland Drive
Valparaiso, IN 46383

Harbor House Ministries

IMG_20131110_113048_686During Mission Awareness Week each November, MVPC Preschool and Elementary Kids join together to learn about the mission of our friends in Oakland, Harbor House Ministries, and to bag up pounds and pounds of rice and beans to stock their emergency pantry for the holidays. The Harbor House after-school program is much like our Kingdom Kids program except that it’s open Monday thru Friday and in addition to fun, games, snacks, music and worship, there are also tutors available to help the kids with their studies.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Harbor House is always looking for help with it’s after-school program and many of our middle school kids fit the bill. Tommy Branagh, Associate Pastor for Student Ministries, takes kids over on a regular basis to help, so contact him if you’d like to get involved.

Amor Ministries Mexico Mission Trip

MexicoKeychainsIn March, we love to welcome some of our high school students and have them share about their experiences building houses for families in need in Redondo, Mexico over spring break. Our SonTown kids paint wooden heart and cross key chains to hold the keys to the homes that will be built on the upcoming trip. On “Dedication Day,” each family receives the keys to their new home, along with a few other gifts from our congregation, and the teams celebrate this new beginning with them. A little bit of love from our 1st thru 5th graders stays behind in Mexico every year as a lasting reminder of the love of Christ long after MVPC has broken camp.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: During March, a list of those going on the Mexico trip is available downstairs in Family Ministries.  Write notes of encouragement to as many as you’d like and we’ll send them along to be placed in their “mailboxes” each day throughout the trip.  The notes are incredibly motivating – we’ve heard stories of students keeping them for years and pulling them out to read again and again when they need encouragement!!  We also collect cash donations toward scholarship funds and give out thousands annually in partial and full scholarships so no student is held back from going on the trip due to expense. Finally, we ask for your prayers for our staff and team members as they prepare for this exciting mission adventure each Spring Break.

Blue Stars Moms


Blue Star Moms mails “a little bit of home” to sons and daughters serving around the world. Throughout the year before significant holidays, we make cards for the soldiers overseas on behalf of Blue Star Moms. In addition, military families from our MVPC congregation, like the Bensons and the Bergmans, come share with the kids their experiences of actually being in the Middle East, or what it’s like to have family members so far away from home and how nice it is to receive letters and cards from caring citizens. They field lots of questions from inquisitive minds and many beautiful cards are handmade for the soldiers. Even more special is when we receive letters back from our deployed pen pals!  To date, we have heard from soliders in Kuwait, Kosovo, and Logar Provence in Afghanistan.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Blue Star Moms accepts donations for care packages year-round and needs help packing up boxes, too. Visit their website at: to find out how you can help.