Special Events

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Friday, September 29  – 6 to 8 pm (dinner included)

Saturday, September 30 – 9 am to Noon


Join us for a seminar led by

Marty Machowski, family pastor and author of gospel-rich books

and curriculum for children, families and churches.


Childcare provided

As a brand new parent, our infants force us into action, with feeding and changing diapers around the clock. But before long, your little boy or girl isn’t so little anymore, and you suddenly realize it is up to you to make sure they turn out alright. In addition to teaching basic morality, parents want to pass their faith on to their children but are not confident they know what to do or how they will fit another thing into life’s crazy schedule. In a world of too many choices and responsibilities, we tend to careen from one event to the next. School, kids’ sporting events, work, and the basics of daily life have put the squeeze on family time. But garnering a few fundamental principles can help you shape the lives of your children from birth to faith.

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