Vacation Bible School

VBS 2017: You Were Made for This!

From June 19-23, 400 children “geared up” for an awesome week of VBS at the Maker Fun Factory. They learned that God is for them, with them, loves them, and made them for a reason. For our mission project, we collected items to make 100 virtual “Birthday Parties in a Bag” so that our local mission partners, Harbor House, El Puente and Intervarsity, can help local kids celebrate their birthdays with all the trimmings. Thank you to all the 150+ volunteers, especially the teachers, who shared their faith, exemplified God’s love and taught these wonderful kids that God has a purpose for their lives.  And a special round of thanks to our department chairs for their countless hours of work to make this VBS week such a huge success!  We can’t do it without all of them!

The Break Room        Heather Thornton & Tina Corcorran

Crafts        Shannon Collins & Lyn Zusman

Facilities Management        Javier Briseno, David Briseno & Oliver Rodriguez

Music        Suzanne Kroger & Debbie Purcell

Prayer Team        Pat Williams, Joan Erisman, Jan Norberg & Michelle Wu

Kids’ Snacks        Hazel Lowe, Lori Bartis, Maile Dunn, Irene Jai & Tina Sebree

Sets/Props        Phyllis Parrill, Judi Cooper, Steve Hansen, Kelly Irving,

Shayna O’Lena & Virginia Sornsen

Skits        Terry Sylvester, Lleyton Allen, Sydney Bagley, Ryan Gannett, Colin Lekki,

Dick Terry & Kayla Tonomura

Recreation        Brent Levenfeld

Kids’ Mini Camp         Martha Erisman

Puppets        Brendan Tonomura

Mission Coordinator (Eagle Project)        Colin Lekki

Tech Team        Ross Wilson & Kaley Grupe

Parent Coffee        Bob Bratton & Colleen Giovanni

Jack of ALL Trades        Sam Fielder & Nat Weber                                                                           

And finally, thanks to all members of the MVPC family and office staff who made treats, prayed for us, shared their children with us, and witnessed the miracles that God performed this week at the Maker Fun Factory where we all learned… we were made for this!

The Children’s Ministries Staff  

Elizabeth Wolfe, Kathy Veitch, Renie Gannett, Shelly Guinn, Hazel Lowe, Jan Norberg & Alyson Tonomura

VBS Songs!

Loved those songs from VBS!!    You can listen to them right here on SoundCloud!

VBS Blog!

Are you remembering all the fun we had at the Fun Factory?!!  Check out the blog and see the pictures from our amazing week right here!


If you have any questions, please contact Shelly Guinn.