Protestant Theological Seminary, Novi Sad, Serbia

Dimitri Popadic
After completing his PhD at Fuller Theological Seminary with MVPC’s sponsorship, Dr. Dimitrije Popadic and his family returned home to Serbia-Montenegro to establish this country’s first cross-denominational evangelical college. Founded in 2000, the Protestant Theological Seminary (PTS) is committed to training leaders for multi-faceted Christian ministry in the Balkans. The Seminary has close to 200 graduates from 28 denominations. Its library of over 25,000 books is the largest library of its kind in Serbia. In addition to his responsibilities as Dean of PTS, Dimitrije hosts forums for people of all faith and supports fellow believers all over the country

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Dr. Popadic talks about the many Syrian Refugees in Serbia and their great needs.

In the video below, Dr. Popadic speaks about starting a Protestant Seminary in war torn Serbia, which is  predominantly Eastern Orthodox. Dr. Popadic attended Fuller Theological Seminary twice, and congratulates  Fuller on their  50th Anniversary.  He explains the seminary’s  importance in his life and missionary work.