Sabuli’s Children, Gemena, Democratic Republic of Congo

Sabuli's collage for web

Sabuli Sanguma is a special woman. She and her husband, Mossai, ended up separated from their children for several years during the war breakout over a ten year period starting in the early 1990′s. When Sabuli had the opportunity to see her children again she was impacted by how God through complete strangers had provided for them and parented them in her absence. It made such an impression that upon returning to the Congo she was compelled to care for those in her neighborhood.  What started as a neighborhood project, is now focused on kids in the Ubangi region who have no family support and who end up living on the street.
The orphanage building was completed and dedicated in March 2013. Sabuli now cares for 80+ orphans who she lovingly calls her “children”.

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