Ubangi Protestant University, Gemena, Democratic Republic of Congo

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The Protestant University in the Ubangi (UPU) has the special mission to rebuild the academic and leadership skills to the local student population due to the world economic crisis and the necessity to “educate our own” – develop and retain our most valuable resource – our people. The UPU is committed to specifically improve the local leadership skills in Ubangi.  UPU aims to develop higher qualities of education that would facilitate improved leadership skills and also promote a level of Provincial, national, and international academic awareness.
UPU focuses to develop theological, biomedical, Agricultural and Economic skills coupled with a strong sense of responsibility within the students. UPU seeks to partner with National and International institutions (teachers and students) to establish a strong, efficient and sustainable academic partnership  to develop approaches to optimize a student’s leadership skills. The academic partnerships include student and teacher exchanges, such as visiting national and international professors offering their unique approaches to our local students AND our students temporally attending classes in other universities worldwide.

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