Spring Break Mexico Trip

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A mission/service opportunity for adults and high school students

This spring break, more than 250 students and adults from the Lamorinda area worked towards justice and discovering the love of Jesus with our neighbors in Tijuana!   As we built 12 homes and a preschool building from start to finish we also learned about building relationships with one another and deepening our relationship with God.  For over 25 years, MVPC has partnered with Amor Ministries to build hope and homes for more than 300 families in the Tijuana area of Mexico.  Many of these families have never had adequate shelter or the sense of security that comes with sturdy walls and a solid roof.    Join us in 2018 and discover how one week of your life can change a family’s life forever. 

Participation in Mexico:

Students work together on teams with adult and student leadership to build a home from foundation to completion.  In 2017 we had 12 student teams, each with 14-16 students and two adult coaches.

Adults are placed on a team of 12-14 other adults with an experienced leader and will build a house from the ground up just as the student teams do.  In 2017 we had two adult teams who worked together to build a school classroom.  If your schedule doesn’t allow for the whole, week we do offer a limited number of positions on the Fly/Drive team with a nominal registration amount.  Adults on the Fly/Drive team fly down on Thursday, to help finish up the house builds, break down camp and drive back with everyone on Saturday.  Look for this option in the Adult Registration form. 

Everyone will enjoy the experience of small group time with their own team as well as sharing larger community time during meals and campfires together with the whole group.   

If you have questions about student participation, contact Tommy Branagh, Director of Middle and High School Ministry; tbranagh@mvpctoday.org.

If you have questions about adult participation contact Dave Ricketts at dricketts@mvpctoday.org or Bob Bratton at bbratton@mvpctoday.org.


Transportation:  Students and adult coaches travel on charter buses from MVPC all the way to Mexico.  Buses stop in San Diego to check in with Amor Ministries and then proceed over the border to Amor’s camp ground outside of Tijuana.  Smaller buses transport teams to and from the work site every day.  Adults on the adult house build and other adult teams travel by rental vehicles driving down to San Diego on the Saturday before the students leave and cross the border on Sunday morning to set up camp before the students arrive later that day.   

Camp Life:  After a long work day we all come together in camp for relaxation, recreation and a great dinner followed by inspiring teaching, worship and fellowship in our giant community tent and around a campfire under the stars!  Amor’s camp is located in open quiet land away from any major cities and is patrolled by security guards day and night so safety in camp has never been an issue in all of our 27 years with Amor Ministries.  

Food:  Our campers enjoy authentic Mexican meals prepared by local caterers, La Cocina for breakfast and dinner and pack their own lunch to take to the work site every day (special food restrictions or needs should be noted in your registration so accommodations can be made.)

QUESTIONS??  Please contact Jennifer Gilmour; jgilmour@mvpctoday.org, (925) 376-4800 ext. 288 with general questions about registration, payments, scholarships, donations and Mexico trip preparations.

Review of MVPC Mexico 2017 Important Dates:

  • December 1 – March 2:  Registration Open 
  • December 7 and January 11:  Information Meetings @ 7:00pm in Fellowship Hall  (same info in both meetings)
  • February 26:  Adult Leadership Lunch @ 11 – 1:00 pm in  Fellowship Hall
  • February 28:  Student Leader Training @ 3 – 7:00 pm
  • March 2:  Teamwork Night (THURSDAY THIS YEAR) @ 7 – 9:00pm in Sanctuary (registration ends)
  • March 19:  Adult Participation Training at 6:00 pm in the home of Nancy Lewis
  • March 29:  Student and Adult Luggage Drop Off  @ 7:00am – 7:00pm in room 201/202, 211/212 and 213
  • April 1:  Adult Advance Team Departs, arrive @ 7:00am in MVPC parking lot
  • April 2:  Buses with Students/Leaders Depart, arrive @ 5:30am in Sanctuary (leaders at 5:00am)
  • April 8:  Parent Debrief for Student Re-entry @ 9:30 – 10:30pm in Forum
  • April 8:  Everyone Returns @ 10:30pm  buses unload in Miramonte parking lot
  • April 9:  Mexico Sunday @ 9:30am in the Sanctuary
  • April 19:  Mexico Reunion Night @ 6:30 – 9:00pm, dinner on patio and celebration in Forum

Teamwork Night Booklet 2017 – This is a pdf version of the 2017 booklet that families received on Teamwork Night this year.  It contains valuable information about the trip.

Packing List 2017

QUESTIONS??  Please contact Jennifer Gilmour; jgilmour@mvpctoday.org, (925) 376-4800 ext. 288 with general questions about registration, payments, scholarships, donations and Mexico trip preparations.


              This video from 2013 gives you a good idea of what our trip is all about.