Student Ministries Staff & Volunteers

Our student ministries team is composed of Staff and Volunteers who partner to create a fun and safe environment where students can explore and grow in a relationship with Jesus. 


Tommy Branagh, Assistant Pastor for Student Ministries

Jennifer Gilmour, Student Ministries Administrator

Shayna O’Lena, Student Ministries Intern

Adult Volunteer Small Group Leaders | 2018-19

6th Grade Girls: Anne Branagh, high school Student Leader Sydney Bagley

6th Grade Guys: Rich Wells, high school Student Leader Chase Giglio

7th Grade Girls: Lee Ann Gove, Megan Bianca, high school Student Leader Emma Phillips

7th Grade Guys: Brian Jun, Stephen Bianca

8th Grade Girls: Siv Ricketts, high school Student Leaders Kate Hardiman and Katie Pope

8th Grade Guys: Mark Bellingham, high school Student Leader Will Grubbs

Freshman Girls: Kristen Fielder, Doreen Wagner

Freshman Guys: Tanner Roberts, Spencer Larson

Sophomore Girls: Elizabeth Wolfe, Libby Rack

Sophomore Guys: Tom Gant, Rob Huddlestone

Junior Girls: Amy Wright, Jennifer Gilmour

Junior Guys: Peter Wright, John Breul

Senior Girls: Sally Breul, Anne Branagh, Stacy Giglio 

Senior Guys: Jim McGill, Jim Wiley