Student Worship Team

The Student Worship Team leads musical worship for Senior High on Wednesdays and for Quest on Thursdays. Made up of Junior and Senior High students, the team has a variety of positions, all of which are open by audition. Read below for more information about the different ways to get involved!

Worship Vocalists

Worship vocalists are those called to lead our students in praise. A worship vocalist is called to musical excellence, a fulfilling relationship with Jesus, and spiritual discipline. They are kind, collaborative, generous, community-oriented, responsible, and wholeheartedly dedicated to Christ. They know both the joy and responsibility of leadership, and enthusiastically embrace their role in guiding fellow students towards Jesus. 

Tech Team

Our tech team is vital to our worship. If you don’t know what XLR cables are, rest assured: they do! They run our lyrics, our soundboard, our microphones and instruments, and more. They exhibit exceptional knowledge and extreme reliability, and are an enormously important part of our worship sessions.

Worship Band

The worship band helps our worship vocalists to bring praise to God. They exhibit musical excellence and a Christ-like attitude of cooperation. Through their instrumental talents, they joyfully lead our students in glorifying Jesus, as well as laying down some sick tracks.

Creative Team

These are the talents behind the scenes. Our creative team helps to make set lists, write songs, and guide the sound and feel of our worship sessions. It’s also open to any students interested in honing their musical talents or learning more about what it means to be a part of worship.