Mike Loretto
Minister of Music & Worship

Mike Loretto can often be found during the day planning the week’s choir rehearsal, meeting with volunteers, writing out music, trying to help craft meaningful worship experiences – then when you leave he’ll go back to strumming his guitar absent-mindedly.

Mike is passionate about the power of music and the arts to change lives and express God’s beauty and truth. He’s also passionate about his wife (Sarah), his dogs (Bristow and Jed Bartlet), books, movies, food and drink, and Kansas Jayhawk basketball. (Don’t initiate a conversation with him if KU just lost a game. Seriously – just don’t.) His prayer is that every bit of music and every element of every worship service at MVPC point to the saving hope of Jesus.

Tanner Roberts
Associate Director of Music and Worship

Tanner is usually to be found with a guitar in hand, but if you’re lucky, you might find him with a banjo. He is a lover of worship, and overjoyed at every chance to come before the Lord to give praise. His gifts are being put to use in leading MVPC’s student worship bands, as well as assisting with Sunday services.

Tanner graduated in 2018 from Westmont College with a B.A. in English. When not nose-deep in a paperback, he can be found playing board games, hiking trails, writing poetry, making bad puns, or hitting people with swords (seriously). Tanner hopes that his life and gifts can be used to glorify God in the highest, and to bring the world a little bit closer to His glorious vision for it.

Sarah D. Williams
Vocal Music Assistant

When Sarah is not singing, playing hand percussion, and leading worship, she can be found–if you are able to track her down–teaching fitness classes, giving voice lessons, working at Frog’s Leap, or at home watching old episodes of Alias with her loyal canine companions Bristow (as in, “Sydney Bristow”) and Bob Dylan. She considers herself a modern-day abolitionist (Did you know there are 30 million slaves in the world today, or that more men, women, and children are enslaved now than at any other point in history? Want to know more?), and she is passionate about helping others understand the problem so they, too, can become part of the solution. Sarah believes worship is not just about a personal connection with God but more so about God’s people being mobilized into action, becoming energized and equipped to follow the Great Abolitionist’s (Jesus) lead in freeing those who are enslaved, both physically and otherwise. She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, along with undergraduate work in vocal performance, music business, religion, and Christian ministries.Together, she and her husband Michael enjoy playing tennis, songwriting, drinking wine, hiking with friends, and reading (He is nice enough to read to her at night.), and they can often be found on a sunny Friday afternoon on their deck, with a glass of red, engaged in an intensely competitive Ticket to Ride or Pasoy tournament (that Sarah usually wins).

Ross Wilson
Technical Arts Director

As Tech Director at MVPC, Ross feels he’s found the perfect place to combine his decades of experience as creative director in radio, post-production, and more than thirty-five years as a professional musician (he started all this very, VERY young!). Whether mixing in the sanctuary, editing video in the studio, or pulling cables in the Forum, he’s never far from either his trumpet or trombone. Ross has grown deeply in his faith since coming to MVPC and calls this place home. He jokes frequently saying “that’s why he spends so much time here”. And since every home needs children, say hello to the Media Team, a group started by Ross, along with his best friend Jonathan Metcalf, of student and adult volunteers using high tech equipment to improve the worship experience for all.

If you can pry him away from the six computers he works with at church (seven if you count the automated mixing console!) you can find Ross at a gig or with his trumpet/trombone students or working with the instrumental music and choral programs at Campolindo. Beyond the world of tech, Ross loves to work in his vegetable garden, ride his pretend Harley (he swears he’ll get a real one when he grows up but don’t hold your breath… about growing up, that is…) and cook for a crowd.

Shu Hwei Peng
Organist, Choir Accompanist