Once you decide to include a faith-based gift in your estate, you will
undoubtedly realize you have many worthy options. Here are some qualities
of Ten Talents Fellowship that make it particularly deserving of your

  • Enduring — Ten Talents Fellowship functions as an endowment, preserving
    its capital so future generations can be served just as well as the present one.
  • Trustworthy — Ten Talents Fellowship is governed by seven Trustees
    elected by MVPC’s Session. At least five Trustees must be Elders who have
    served a full three-year term on MVPC’s Session. This ensures close
    connection between MVPC’s mission and the support Ten Talents
    Fellowship provides. Trustees serve for a minimum of one five-year term,
    thus also ensuring a high level of continuity.
    Funds held by Ten Talents Fellowship are professionally managed by
    CAVU Wealth Advisors in conjunction with Charles Schwab & Co under the
    oversight of the Investment Committee of the MVPC Foundation. CAVU
    provides its services on a strictly pro bono basis in a manner respectful of
    the stewardship God expects of us toward everything with which He has
    blessed us. Please see the latest Annual Report for details regarding
    investment performance of funds managed by the MVPC Foundation.
  • Local and Global Impact — Ten Talents Fellowship supports the mission of
    MVPC: “To know Christ and make Him known.” As a result, gifts to Ten
    Talents Fellowship will reach the Lamorinda community and beyond
    through its support of various ministries and missions outreach.
  • Focused Gifting — Ten Talents Fellowship offers six different funds (see
    separate funds description sheet) so you can choose a ministry area
    close to your heart. Should you feel led to provide for a ministry not
    covered by an existing fund, Ten Talents Fellowship can work with you to
    make your desire a reality (note: minimum gift of $100,000 required for
    establishing a new fund).
  • Fellowship — Ten Talents Fellowship has been named intentionally so that
    participants, called Fellows, can develop a kinship through celebrating
    God’s provision and the Kingdom work it can accomplish. Our objective is
    to encourage as many as possible to seek God’s direction in leaving a
    portion of their estate so His work will continue. No estate is too small and
    there are no giving tiers in Ten Talents Fellowship. Everyone who says
    “yes” to God in this way becomes a Fellow within Ten Talents Fellowship.