We’re so glad you’re here. Right from the start we want you to know that God loves you and there’s a place for you in the MVPC family! Put aside any concerns you might have and come as you are – no judgments, as we are all fellow travelers on the journey of faith.

When are worship services?
We have two worship services every Sunday, at 9:30 am & 5 pm. On Christmas Eve there will be three services:  5 pm 9 pm and 11 pm. 
How do I get to MVPC?
Tell me about parking.
For ease in parking, plan to arrive about 15 minutes before the worship service begins. Our parking lot flows from below the Family Ministry Center around and behind the Sanctuary. Quite often the spots behind the Sanctuary go unused because people don’t realize there is parking up there!
Where do I go first?
If this is your first visit, head to the Sanctuary. Put on a nametag so others can greet you by name. Friendly greeters stand outside the Sanctuary doors ready to meet you and answer any questions you might have. Ushers stand inside the Sanctuary to hand you a worship bulletin.
How should I dress for church?
Dress however you feel comfortable! The MVPC family tends to dress for worship similar to how they might dress for the work environment but you will see a variety of styles, from suits to jeans.
How long are services?
The morning service runs one hour and a quarter, and the evening service runs one hour.

What about my kids?
Children are always welcome to worship with their church family, but we also offer age-appropriate Sunday school classes concurrent with worship service. If you have preschool children with you, our greeters can direct you to our check-in station for their Sunday school classes. Check-in for elementary students is just inside the Sanctuary and then after a short time in the Sanctuary, children and small group leaders go downstairs to our Forum for their Sunday school program where you can pick them up after the service. Kids in middle school and high school sit either with their families or with their peers in the worship service.
How will I know how to follow the service?
The ushers will hand you a worship bulletin that includes a “map” to the service as well as information about what’s happening at MVPC and how you can get involved. In addition, the pastors and worship leaders will provide clear verbal instructions regarding when to stand, sit, how to take communion, etc.

What kinds of music will I hear?
MVPC enjoys a wide range of musical styles led by extremely talented musicians. Traditional hymns, organ, choir and worship team, band, jazz band and occasional brass and/or string ensembles all offer glory to God. From September through May the choir sings at the 9:30 am service.

What kinds of sermons will I hear?
Sermons are scriptural, Christ-focused and practical for everyday living. Check out our sermon archive for past sermons. You can see our current sermon series here.

What version of the Bible is used?
We generally use the NIV – our pew racks have NIV Bibles available for your use if you don’t bring your own. The Scriptures for the morning can also be read from the screens.

How many people attend worship?
The Sanctuary seats about 600 and most Sundays we average 550+ between two services.

When and how is Communion celebrated?
We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month during the 9:30 am service, and every Sunday at the 5 pm service. Jesus Christ provided this sacrament as a way for His followers to remember and renew our faith in Him. The bread recalls His body, given for us, and the cup recalls His blood, shed for the forgiveness of our sins. If you honor Jesus as your Savior we invite you to receive communion. We use bread (gluten-free is always available) and grape juice, and the ushers dismiss the congregation by rows to walk to the front, dip the bread into the juice, place it in your mouth, and return to your pew. Those with mobility issues will have communion brought to them. The age at which communion is appropriate is up to parental discretion; if parents prefer, young children may come forward with them to receive a blessing.

What kind of disability assistance is available?
Parking spots for those with disabilities are located on the far side of the Sanctuary near the church offices. We also have a wheelchair lift next to the stairs closest to the Fellowship Hall. In the Sanctuary, the ushers can provide you assisted listening devices.

What happens after services?
After your children are picked up from Sunday school, you are invited to linger on the church patio with a cup of coffee and get to know your church family. If you’re new to MVPC, please stop by the Welcome Table on the courtyard during the morning service and outside of the Forum during the 5 pm service – we’d love to meet you and help you get connected! The Resource Center, our bookstore and gift shop, will be open for you to peruse the latest Christian bestsellers including Bibles and devotional books.

Can I meet with Pastors and/or staff?
Sure! Our pastors and many of our staff members can be found on the patio between worship services. Please say hello! If you’d like more time with pastors and/or staff, feel free to contact us in the office during the week.

Are there classes for adults?
Yes! Classes for adults and children run concurrently with worship services.

How can I get connected?
Start by signing the registration pad during worship and saying hello to those seated near you. After worship, stop by the Welcome Table on the courtyard. Have a cup of coffee on the courtyard with the MVPC family. Try a Sunday class or participate in any of our ministry programs during the week. Join a small group, one of the best ways to get to know God and others.

Do I have to become a member to get involved?
No, membership is not required to attend worship services or participate in our ministry programs. If you find MVPC to be a good church home, you may decide to participate in our membership process offered twice a year, fall and spring.