What are the church office hours?

Church Office: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Nurtury Preschool Office: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Main office number: 925-376-4800

May I attend worship services and church programs without becoming a member?

Absolutely! We welcome your participation. When you feel God prompting you toward membership, see the MVPC membership page.

How do I reserve church facilities?

Contact Kris Costa: 376-4800 x 200


Do my children attend worship services with me?

Children are always welcome to attend worship services. However, age-specific programming is available for children during both 9am & 10:30am worship services. More information.

How do I arrange to have my child baptized?

For infant baptism, contact Valerie Bigelow: 376-4800 x223.

More information on children’s baptism.

Is The Nurtury Preschool for church members only?

The Nurtury Preschool is open to enrollment by the public. For more information visit The Nurtury website.


Do junior and senior high students attend worship services?

We place a high value on families worshiping together. For families looking for discipleship opportunities on Sundays there are also classes offered at 9:00 on Sunday mornings for high school students in room 105 and for middle school students in room 205.  More information on student ministries.

What about this big Mexico trip I’ve heard about?

During spring break every year we take 200+ high school students and adults on a home-building trip to Mexico. More information.


How do I get information about holding a wedding or event at MVPC?

To inquire about a wedding or memorial service, contact Valerie Bigelow: 376-4800 x223.

To inquire about any other event you’d like to hold at the church, contact Kris Costa: 376-4800 x200.


Contact Valerie Bigelow: 376-4800 x223 if…

…you have a prayer request;

…if a loved one is hospitalized or has died; or

…if you have any need for which you would like to talk with a pastor.


How do I place flowers in the Sanctuary for worship services?

Contact Valerie Bigelow: 376-4800 x223.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my pledge or donation, or if I’d like to make a memorial donation to the church?

Contact John Greenblatt: 376-4800 x232.


Please explore our website for more information about our ministries and mission. If you have further questions and can’t find an answer, please contact MVPC’s Executive Administrator Nat Weber.